CAQH Quarterly Updating

OSI provides hassle-free CAQH credentialing support for individual practitioners, hospitals, and more.

Caqh Quarterly Updating
Caqh Attestation Services

Complete and Accurate CAQH Attestation Services

We can Streamline Your CAQH Credentialing Process

Establishing an efficient and accurate credentialing process by registering on CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) is the first step in revenue cycle management. Outsource Strategies International (OSI) provides comprehensive CAQH attestation support and CAQH quarterly updating to re-attest your practice’s information for use in the directory.

Healthcare providers have to make background information available to insurance companies on the CAQH online repository of credentialing data to validate that they have fulfilled all the requirements for each and every health insurance plan they contract with.

We can complete your initial CAQH Proview profile accurately to get your healthcare business credentialed with insurers and ensure complete ongoing maintenance with an efficient re-attestation process.

We can simplify the complexities of the enrollment process.

Find time to serve your patients better!

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CAQH Credentialing Process

Our credentialing process involves collecting and verifying data on the provider’s education, training, experience, practice history, location, malpractice history, and other relevant background information.

Once you complete the CAQH online credentialing application, we will help you update your profile accurately, including updating supporting documentation. Re-attestation in the CAQH repository is generally necessary every 120 days. Updating CAQH quarterly keeps your application active and ensures that your contracted insurance carriers have up-to-date credentialing information. Submitting changes promptly is essential for timely payment of claims, delivery of critical communications, flawless re-credentialing, and accurate listings in provider directories.

Our services help physicians ensure seamless re-credentialing in the following situations:

  • Setting up a new practice or adding a location
  • Relocating or joining a new practice
  • Adding a new provider to your present group
  • Want to become a participating provider
  • When payers request updated information
  • When you receive a new malpractice policy, license, DEA certificate, W9 or address

Our team will ensure that you have an efficient system in place to track and monitor your CAQH credentialing expirable data. We will help you review and verify all changes made before you submit your attestation. Ensuring accurate information in CAQH provider directories is crucial for a smooth workflow.

Ongoing maintenance of your CAQH profile will:


Ensure your data is maintained and accurate for health plan use

Promote prompt payment of claims

Allow patients to locate your practice in directories

Reduce turnaround time for credentialing

Provide patients with real-time access to updated information

Help you meet changing provider requirements

Ensuring that your information is accurate, up-to-date and meets CAQH requirements is crucial to prevent delays or rejections of your credentialing/re-credentialing applications with payers.

Comprehensive Physician Credentialing Services

The key steps involved in the process are:

Studying your requirements

Developing a plan of action

Assigning a dedicated manager

Creating your CAQH profile

Updating your CAQH profile

The benefits of partnering with OSI are:

  • Access to a team of experienced insurance specialists
  • Seamless credentialing and enrolment support
  • CAQH profile completion in quick turnaround time
  • Re-attestation support and ongoing CAQH profile maintenance
  • Faster claims processing and reduced denials
  • Eliminates voluminous enrolment paperwork
  • Timely reporting on status of CAQH profile elements
  • Latest technologies
  • Budget-friendly packages

CAQH profile development and document updating require commitment and dedication. OSI can minimize the paperwork and complications associated with these processes, freeing up your staff to focus on core activities.

To learn more about how we can help you establish an efficient and accurate credentialing process and strengthen your revenue stream, get in touch with us today – call (800) 670-2809 or write to

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