Credential Updating and Monitoring Service

At OSI, we provide error-free CAQH credentialing and monitoring services.

Credential Updating And Monitoring Service
Regular Monitoring and Updates on your CAQH Profile

Regular Updates on your CAQH Profile

Reliable CAQH Credentialing Services

The CAQH online data repository is designed to allow healthcare providers to self-report professional and practice information for getting credentialed and enrolled in payer networks. Keeping your data and documents updated on the system is essential to ensure your status remains active.

An experienced credential updating and monitoring service provider, Outsource Strategies International (OSI) can ensure that your contracted insurance carriers have up-to-date credentialing information. CAQH attestation at regular intervals is essential to prevent credentialing related denials.

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We can simplify the complexities of the enrollment process.

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Maintain a Complete and Accurate CAQH Profile

Health plans or networks that need information on a physician’s credentials access the CAQH database. To set up a CAQH account, providers need to complete their CAQH credentialing profile. Based on your primary practice state, CAQH registration requires providing personal information, professional IDs, education, professional training, specialties, practice locations, hospital affiliations, credential contacts, professional liability insurance, employment information, professional references and disclosure.

Maintaining a complete and accurate CAQH provider profile would require updating this information on a regular basis. The CAQH system requests updates or validation of the database information every 120 days. To maintain your profile you need to attest to information accuracy when required and update supporting documents within the system.
Regular Monitoring and Updates on your CAQH Profile

Efficient Support on Credential Updating and Monitoring

Authorizing OSI as your credentialing service provider will ensure comprehensive support to create and maintain your CAQH profile. As soon as we receive notifications about the required re-attestations from the CAQH system, our team of credentialing experts will promptly re-attest your account and upload documents as necessary. Focused on keeping your data accurate, our CAQH credentialing, updating and monitoring support services cover:

  • Verification of documents required for CAQH credentialing
  • Completion of the necessary documentation
  • Following up with the payer after submitting a credentialing request.
  • Monitoring of provider enrollment status and credentialing processes
  • Updating provider data and updating the CAHQ profile with the following:
    • Demographic and directory updates
    • Alerting providers about renewal of expired documents
    • Changes in practice services
  • CAQH quarterly updating
  • Timely reports on credentialing status and updates

Our support can streamline and speed up your onboarding process, eliminate stressful paperwork and reduce the associated administrative costs and burden.

Benefits of Partnering with OSI

The benefits of our insurance credentialing services include:

  • Hassle-free credentialing, monitoring and updating processes
  • Up to date information to maintain your CAQH profile
  • Re-attestation and re-credentialing support
  • Faster claims processing and reduced denials
  • Frees up practice staff from paperwork to focus on patient care
  • Timely reporting
  • Affordable pricing

Get credentialed faster and keep your CAQH profile current with our credential updating and monitoring service!

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