Insurance Credentialing Services for California

Get credentialed with maximum payers. OSI provides top-notch insurance credentialing services for California.

Insurance Credentialing Services for California
Credentialing Services for Providers

Credentialing Solution for Physicians in all Specialties

Physician Credentialing Services for all Specialties

Our insurance credentialing services for California ensures that physicians and healthcare providers are seamlessly included in the provider panels. Insurance providers are many and the insurance plans of patients are diverse.

OSI can help you with efficient RCM by getting you enrolled and credentialed with maximum payers in a time-bound manner. Our dedicated and service-oriented experts have a sophisticated system to carry out insurance credentialing documentation effortlessly. Let us worry about the hassle of credentialing so you are able to focus on the more impactful parts of your business.

Every health insurance company verifies the credentials of a physician such as level of education, training, and professional experience prior to inclusion in an in-network provider. Getting credentialed through OSI is an easy process since we are familiar with the policies & procedures.

We can simplify the complexities of the enrollment process.

Find time to serve your patients better!

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Unparalleled Medical Insurance Credentialing Services

We have a dedicated team of experts for providing impeccable credentialing services. Our customized services are framed based on individual requirements.

  • Evaluate eligibility of the physician
  • CAQH Registration and enrollment
  • Re-credentialing
  • Medicare & Medicaid enrollment
  • Insurance contract negotiations
  • Evaluating and creating payment schedules
  • Telemedicine credentialing

Who We Serve




DME Providers

Behavioral health providers

Physician Assistants

Nurse practitioners

Ambulatory Surgery Centers


And more

Our Credentialing Process

  1. Gather information regarding licenses, background, and education of the provider
  2. Verify the information received
  3. Communicate with the physicians about the insurance companies they want to work with
  4. Process and submit the applications on your behalf
  5. Follow up on the submitted applications
  6. Keep in touch with you throughout the process and contact you for additional information

Let us help you with insurance credentialing Mail us at, Call us at (800) 670-2809.


Why is insurance credentialing essential for you?

If you are credentialed, you can deliver treatment to the patients who are enrolled in specific insurance plans. The cost of the services you provided can be billed directly to the insurance company where the patient is enrolled. Being credentialed can enhance the number of patients accessing services from your healthcare facility.

Is there any guarantee I will get the insurance panel I chose?

Our service-oriented credentialing experts can help identify potential insurance companies if you are fully licensed. If the panels have established criteria, we will discuss how to be successful in the credentialing process. We will focus on getting you the most out of your credentialing investment but we are unable to assure you that the insurance panels will accept you.

What is the approximate duration of the medical credentialing process?

The process of credentialing takes between 90-120 days. Once you have signed up with OSI, we start gathering information for the applications immediately and promptly submit them to insurance companies. We take a proactive role to communicate with insurance companies regarding your application and ensure that they are processed and approved as soon as possible.

What is CAQH?

The abbreviation CAQH stands for Council for Affordable and Quality Healthcare. The non-profit organization was created by private insurance panels years ago. A completed CAQH profile is mandated by most commercial payers prior to beginning the credentialing process. The data from CAQH is used by panels to verify providers’ information besides education and work history.

Why should I complete re-credentialing?

Insurance panels have made it mandatory that you are recredentialed once every three years. This is done to ensure that the information in their systems is current and valid.

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We can deal with all your insurance credentialing concerns, the major step in your practice’s revenue cycle management.

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