Nationwide Credentialing

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) can help you get credentialed with insurers and update your information when required.

Nationwide Credentialing
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Comprehensive Nationwide Credentialing Services

Credentialing services provide significant support in the revenue cycle management of any practice. To avoid claim denials and delays, providers in all specialties require getting credentialed by payers. Healthcare credentialing is obtaining, verifying, and assessing the qualifications of a provider to join their payer networks. It is crucial for providers to maintain their credentials with insurance authorities and federal bodies.

At Outsource Strategies International (OSI), our nationwide credentialing services are designed to assist providers in any specialty to meet their credentialing requirements. Whether your practice is located in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California or any state in the U.S., we can successfully handle the time-consuming manual work in terms of filling out forms, addressing questions and clarifications from payers, and following up on credentialing requests.

We can provide credentialing services for providers, nursing assistants, physicians, Physical, occupational, and speech therapists and more in any state in the U.S.

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Why Is Credentialing Services Important for Providers?

Credentialing is a critical process in the revenue cycle management, when a provider:

  • joins or starts a new practice
  • moves from one practice to another
  • joins new practice groups
  • enrolls with a new insurance payer

We understand that each insurance panel has their own set of provider enrollment requirements and applications. We provide insurance credentialing services for Medicare and Medicaid as well as commercial insurers including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Optum, Aetna, and United Healthcare and more.

Our Team Is Our Strength

  • Our team can handle everything from contracting and credentialing to medical billing and coding
  • They are up to date with the documentation requirements and regular follow-ups with Insurance carriers
  • They have complete knowledge of the Council of Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) and other online credentialing programs
  • They work with all specialties and assist with enrollment in all insurance networks
  • They’ll assist providers in maintaining credentialing status

Our Insurance Credentialing Services

Physician enrollment

Credentials verification

CAQH Registration

Medicare / Medicaid enrollment


Tracking of applications

The physician credentialing checklist includes verifying diverse details that prove your qualification such as education certificates, license, experience, internship, residency, fellowship, certifications, affiliations, malpractice, board certifications, medical school information, and more. We provide customized reports on application progress.

Provider Credentialing Process

Our physician credentialing process involves

  • reviewing specific network requirements
  • filling out applications with the insurance payer
  • collecting and verifying all supporting documents
  • submission of online applications
  • timely follow-up with the payers for getting enrolled
  • re-credentialing
  • appealing for any closed panels
  • credentialing maintenance

Why OSI Is Your Credentialing Specialist

Customized physician credentialing services

Dedicated credentialing professionals

Timely follow-ups

Transform your revenue cycle with reliable physician insurance credentialing services!

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What is CAQH?

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) is a third-party vendor that payers may use to collect provider data for credentialing purposes. Having a complete CAQH profile is crucial in insurance credentialing, as it streamlines the process for practitioners by reducing paperwork.

Why should I outsource credentialing tasks?

By outsourcing this time-consuming credentialing task, practices can: reduce operating costs (typically around 30-40%), save money in hiring in-house experts, gain access to experienced credentialing resources, and save your staff’s time for patient care.

Why do I need to get credentialed?

Physician credentialing is a vital aspect in maintaining high standards of safety in the medical profession. The process is done to ensure that the providers and nursing staff are properly trained, certified and qualified, and have the required professional experience to provide healthcare services to patients.

What does the doctor credentialing process involve?

Our physician credentialing process includes

  • Collecting physician data for filing credentialing applications
  • Choosing the right payer for practices
  • Conducting audits to ensure accuracy and filing the application
  • Submitting online applications to federal, state and commercial carriers
  • Provide regular follow-up with the payers while tracking the application status
  • Handling re-credentialing whenever required
  • Obtaining the enrollment number from payers

What documents are needed for credentialing?

For insurance credentialing, our team may verify many provider documents including State Medical License, Certificate of Malpractice Insurance (COI), Federal DEA License, State DEA License, Board Certification(s), Current CV, Collaborative Agreement (required for Nurse Practitioners only), and more.

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